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Enda (Jones) Huddleston is the founder of Courage to Go Ministries. Her mission is to encourage and empower women and girls facing self-esteem and self-worth challenges globally.  She places an emphasis on knowing, believing, and embracing who we are in Christ. She encourages others to take courage to accomplish their goals by recognizing the unique qualities they each possess. 

Whether facing fear, self-doubt, or developing confidence, she provides people with the tools they need to be empowered to go forth in courage, despite their past. As a woman of considerable tenacity, she continues to forge ahead in her life.  She’s an inspirational speaker, mentor, evangelist, author, life coach, and creator of the Journey of COURAGE program™.  

When Enda speaks, she brings enthusiasm and relevance that will be sure to leave audiences, young and old, inspired and motivated. Enda is a native of Missouri and grew up in Marion, Indiana. She is a graduate of Ball State University and has worked in management in the education and social service sectors. 

In her best-selling book, Taking Courage:  My Journey to Freedom, she discusses her own personal journey that had stopped her from having the courage to go.




Enda presented at the Daughters Lives Matter, Pimp Proofing Daughters: A Fatherhood Workshop event as an inspirational speaker and emotional support resource. Enda spoke in an encouraging and insightful manner that was engaging and impactful. She shared ways fathers and daughters can heal through the power of affirmation, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and courage, as they trust God’s will over their lives to restore what is broken in a real way. 

Daughters Lives Matter


Enda is an honest, knowledgeable and compassionate speaker.  She is thorough in her communication and wise with her approach. She provides practical principles that can be applied to everyday life.

Shelle Thompson | Owner, Journey of Reveal Group


Ms. Enda is a very relatable person and can engage with any age group. She speaks with so much compassion and provides wisdom. You are definitely going to be challenged by her words if you choose to apply it. 

Shayona J. Funches | Founder of Phenomenal SHE

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Enda did not always believe that she had value.  She allowed the set of circumstances in which she was born to define her.  She describes her pain of childhood trauma and takes you on the journey that could have but did not break her. 



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